How to Set up a board drive for your community – 7 Simple Steps

Have you ever wondered how to give back to your community and to the action sports community? Do you feel the need to help others as well as shred every chance you get? Do you want to inspire people and keep them riding? Are you just bored and need an idea for a school project? Start a board drive on +swappow!

A board drive is simple. Just gather used boards (and any related gear – shoes, clothes, accessories, promo goods, etc..) and sell them on +swappow for real cash to donate to a charity of your choice! You can use the +swappow marketplace to make a difference in the lives of kids and keep everyone rolling/riding/sliding. Plus, by recycling old product, you are helping the environment by reducing solid waste!

So check out the easy steps below and get rolling today! Show us how much you raise and we will even match every dollar you raise in +swappow credits for you just for Sharing The Ride.

Starting a Board Drive is super easy, just follow these steps…

STEP 1: Choose a charity to support. This could be something action sports related, Like boarding for Breast Cancer, Skate After School or the Tony Hawk Foundation. Or, you could raise funds for the local homeless shelter in your community, your school, or any worthy cause you are interested in helping. No organization is too big or too small, so if you want to help out, choose your charity and let them know what you’re doing to help!Featured image

STEP 2: Promote it. People need to know what you’re in order to donate, so if you start a board drive your are going to want to tell EVERYONE about it. Start small, tell all your friends and maybe even enlist their help. Make fliers! Fliers are a great way to spread information. Hang them up at your local skate park, ski lift, everyone’s favorite burger joint, school, ect. The more people that know about your project, the more people will donate!

Featured imageSTEP 3: Designate drop off points or schedule pick ups. If you want people to donate, your best bet is to set up a drop off box somewhere. It could be at your local boardshop, your school, the skatepark, or anywhere where you think people would go to donate. Just make sure you get permission from the owner, or whoever is in charge of the establishment before you go ahead and set up a box. Make sure you mark your box, and label it so everyone knows it is for your Board Drive. You can put stickers on it, draw on it, and make it look as cool as you want! Make sure you check your box regularly so you can stay on top off the donations your getting, and regularly pick up boards that accumulate  in your box!  Also, if you know someone who wants to donate but can’t make it to one of your boxes, go pick up the donations from them yourself!

STEP 4: Gather and list all donated items on +swappow. First, you will need a +swappow account, which we hope you have by now. If not, sign up for a free account on, it’s super easy! Next, you are going to want to list the boards, this means you have to take pictures of all the boards you get, upload the pictures onto the site, and chose a fair price to sell your boards. Once you list the boards, let the site do it’s work. People will start buying up the boards in no time, and you will see your donation dollars rise!

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Step 5: Sell them on swappow and complete your transaction: When you sell your boards on you will need to make sure you complete the transactions in order to get the money for your charity. This means you need to make sure the buyers revcieve their boards. You may have to ship boards to buyers, meet them somewhere, or have the buyer pick the board up. This step is crucial to the success of your board drive. Remember, you’re also helping a board get in the hands of another rider, you’re helping people alot more than you think!

Step 6: Raise money for your charity, and donate it! This is the last real step of your board drive. In order to complete your project, you must make sure all the funds you raised gets into the hands of the charity you chose! You may need to contact the charity if you have not already. They will be stoked that you are helping out! Prepare to get alot of thanks for all your hard efforts, people appreciate your kindness.

Step 7: Know you’ve made a difference. No matter how much money you raise from your board drive, whether it be a huge amount or just a couple bucks, know that you have made a difference! By completing a board drive, you have helped out a charity, gotten a board in another kids hands for less money, and you’ve successfully recycled and helped the environment by reducing solid waste. Know that you have done good, and feel proud of your efforts!

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We’ll match whatever you raise in +swappow credits – eveyone wins

Want help setting up your board drive – email to get help!

Thanks for Sharing the Ride!